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David ( Evad ) Richmond

spacer imageDavid Richmond, digital artist, author, creator and producer of the science fiction series The Worlds Of Evad™ is a long time avid science fiction fan, who lives in Western New York in a suburb of Buffalo.

spacer image By day, David is a professional computer graphics consultant. He provides electronic document creation, web site and multimedia development services, is a digital graphic artist, musician and is now personally pursuing his love of science fiction by authoring a number of his own original stories. - The Worlds Of Evad™ is just 'one' - more to come!

spacer imageTo learn more about The Worlds Of Evad™ please visit the web site dedicated to the series.

spacer imageAlong with creating his digital paintings for The Worlds Of Evad™ he has also created a number of other science fiction related images, as well as, some general abstract artwork during times he needed to escape from daily life for a while; all of which, can be found as a part of the secure EvadImagePrints Online Gallery.

spacer imageTo learn more about the various multimedia, graphic design, consulting and internet related products and services that he can provide, please visit his main web site at: www.Evadware.com.

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